Books / Videos / Training materials

Learn PowerShell in a month of Lunches - Great intro to PowerShell book to get you and your team more familiar with PowerShell. Perfect for individual or lunch and learn type trainings.

Learn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches - A next step to the above mentioned book. This will take you into Advanced Functions, reusable tools, and other professional scripting practices. Free e-books - These include Error Handling, Gotchas, Unix guide to PowerShell, Remoting Secrets and more!

The Pester Book - Pester - PowerShell Unit Testing. The single best resource for going from 0 to expert, highly recommended if you don’t have a Dev/Test background.

PowerShell Best Practices and Style Guide - Great resource for community driven best practices

PowerShell Training Videos - Most of these are free, there is some great content for Premier Customers as well.

Remoting / Security considerations

Who’s afraid of PowerShell security? - Great blog with links to tons of articles and white papers to help dispel the security myths and get conversations started your with the Security teams.


PowerShell Team Blog - Stay up to date on what is happening with PowerShell, direct from the source!

Planet PowerShell - RSS Feed Aggregator of dozens of PowerShell blogs!

DevOps Study List - Huge list of DevOps resources for the Windows IT Pro!

Configuration Management

PowerShell DSC - Microsofts built in Desired State Configuration. A declarative Configuration Management Framework.

Azure Automation DSC Overview - Azure service that helps you manage and deploy DSC resources for cloud nodes.

Learn Chef - Great resource for learning Chef on Windows or Linux.

Puppet - Alternative to Chef

Ansible - Agentless Config Management

SaltStack - One more option :-)

TUG - A DSC pull server replacement - A Community project to make a better pull server for PowerShell DSC

Build your pipeline

The Build and Release Pipeline Model - Whitepaper on how and why to do Pipelines when writing Windows Automation

How to build a professional PowerShell Modules - A great framework for building Shareable PowerShell Modules.

Team City Build Server - runs a free build server so you can CI/CD your PowerShell projects!

Building a simple Release Pipeline - Great article with a CI/CD framework to help you with your PowerShell projects.

Continuous Deployment for PowerShell with PSDeploy - Quick and Dirty deployment module with lots of plugable support


Vagrant - Great tool for local Dev work - spinning up test environments quickly.

Packer - Build your images and templates in an automated reproducible fashion

VSCode - Move over ISE and Notepad++ IDE redefined - Cross Platform - any language - if you haven’t checked it out in a while do it now!


Docker for Windows - Duh, containers is where its at!

Windows and Linux Containers together on Windows - Oh my! - Yes you can. On your windows 10 laptop, spin up a Linux container and Windows container side by side!

Community resources

Cincinnati PowerShell Users Group - Shameless plug, user group meeting in Mason, OH area - occasional live streams.

Mississippi PowerShell User Group - Great group with live streams

Maintained List of All Active PowerShell User Groups - A community-owned and -operated site dedicated to education, assistance, and development for the PowerShell Community.

DevOpsCollective - Non Profit DevOps community committed to bringing people to tech and DevOps - Parent company for and the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit Event

PowerShell Slack - Get an invite here!

PowerShell Reddit - Reddit, its where all the answers live.


PowerShell Saturdays - Want to host a 1 time PowerShell/DevOps event in your City? This is information dedicated to help you kick-start your event.

PowerShell and DevOps Summit - THE conference for the PowerShell/DevOps professional. Meet and engage with the PowerShell Creator (Jeffrey Snover), the PowerShell Team, and the Community. 400+ level content!

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