When: January 16th – 6PM TUESDAY - Live stream will start at approximiately 6:30PM

Where: Max Technical Training, Mason, OH

  • A live stream will also be available starting at 6:30PM.

Sign up here if you will be there in person: Cincy PSUG Meetup

PS C:\> Get-PSUG | where {$_.City -eq Cincinnati}

Managing AWS with the AWS Tools for PowerShell with Eric Courville

Amazon Web Services is the market leader in the Cloud with dozens of services. AWS can be difficult to manage via the web console at scale, luckily AWS provides many SDK’s and cli tools to help you with your automation. In this talk we’ll review the best practices for connecting PowerShell to AWS via IAM Keys, and Roles. We will also check out some use cases for generating reports on your environment as well as interacting with services such as S3, EC2, and more.

About the Speaker

With over 20 years of IT experience Eric Courville has managed a wide variety of Enterprise Applications ranging from E-commerce to Enterprise Resource Planning. For the last decade he has concentrated primarily on cloud technologies in Azure, and AWS. As a former Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter and the Founder of the NorCal PowerShell User Group Eric has advocated PowerShell’s benefits to Microsoft professionals.