Cincinnati PowerShell User Group – December Recap

Recap - Scripting Puzzle and TDD

Thanks to all who attended, we had a lot of fun with our Scripting puzzle! Ideas were flying as we croud sourced a password generator. We started with a set of criteria in the form of a Pester test with some constraints and went to town. It turns out, there there are some challenges with creating passwords (entropy, cryptographic security, character selection, memory management) that we tried to work through. The code that we were working with is available here. Watch for the solutions we came up with to be published as well. Feel free to fork it and submit pull requests, and lets crowd source a great password generator to solve a real problem we face every day.


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Upcoming PowerShell Meetup Dates

  • We should have dates for January soon, please check back for our next meetup!

See you next month!

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