Cincinnati PowerShell User Group – September Meeting - Manipulating Data with PowerShell

When: September 21st – 6PM THURSDAY!

Where: Max Technical Training, Mason, OH

Sign up here: Cincy PSUG Meetup

PS C:\> Get-PSUG | where {$_.City -eq Cincinnati}

Manipulating Data with PowerShell

As IT Pro’s we have data coming from all sorts of sources. Lists of computers in email, that mission critical system running Windows NT that drops INI files on a network share. Join us for a How-To on getting data in and out of PowerShell. We will be manipulating Text, CSV, XML, JSON, CLIXML and PSD1 files as well as briefly touching on SQL. Once we have the data we will review how to make sense of all the data and output it back to your format of choice.

SAPIEN Technologies will be sponsoring the Cincinnati PowerShell User Group meeting and will be supplying the pizza!