Cincinnati PowerShell User Group – PowerShell Scripts to Functions Recap

Recap - PowerShell Scripts to Functions

Great turnout and thanks to all that came! We had a few new faces, which is always a good thing. We looked at a script that was written to remove software from a text file with PC names. As a group, we thought through the ways to create a general purpose function that we would reuse and take advantage of the builtin PowerShell goodness. We started with the Cmdlet - Advanced Function (complete) snippet as a template and experimented with the pros/cons of using parameter validation vs writing your own code to handle validation. The Invoke-ArbitraryCode.ps1 file is what we developed as a group but feel free to submit a Pull Request with suggestions. You can find all the code here.


We are always looking for new content and/or speakers! If you know someone or you are someone that would like to speak, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at info at cincypowershell dot org and let us know. Whether you have something quick to show or are interested in doing a 30 minute talk. Bringing things to the group is a perfect opportunity to get feedback or assistance on a project or idea that you are working on.

Upcoming PowerShell Meetup Dates

  • Thursday, August 17
  • More dates coming soon.

See you next month!

SAPIEN Technologies will be sponsoring the Cincinnati PowerShell User Group meeting and will be supplying the pizza!