Cincinnati PowerShell User Group – Visual Studio Code Recap

Recap - Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

Great turnout and thanks to all that came! We had a few new faces, thats always a good thing. We went over all the basics of how and why to get started with VSCode. We learned that code is quickly becoming the IDE of choice for ITPros everywhere on any platform. With codes Git/SCM, task runners, debugging, linting, exposed API’s, and easy to navigate customization configuration, this platform is a must have in your DevOps tool chain. Presentation and demo code are available. Check out the links/references section for more VSCode resources!


We are always looking for new content and/or speakers! If you know someone or you are someone that would like to speak, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at info at cincypowershell dot org and let us know. Even if you just have something quick to show, a 10 minute demo can be a great thing to share, or get feedback on if you are working on a cool project or need some help.

Upcoming PowerShell Meetup Dates

  • Tuesday, June 20

  • Thursday, July 20

  • Thursday, August 17

See you next month!

SAPIEN Technologies will be sponsoring the Cincinnati PowerShell User Group meeting and will be supplying the pizza!