Customizing your PowerShell Environment Recap

Another great meetup thanks to all who came out!

Dave started us out by showing us how he reverse engineered some encryption libraries and created a powershell wrapper to encrypt/decrypt some database rows, thanks Dave!

Matt McNabb (@mcnabbmh) showed us how to be more efficient in our everyday PowerShell Admin sessions using. We went over Profile best practices and tips/tricks, $PSDefaultParameterValues, PowerShell Prompts, secure credential storage / usage, argument completers, and extending your editors. I’m already more productive!

We also brought up Pester, the PowerShell testing framework which brought a lot of interest, look for a future talk around Pester and how to get started with testing. Start here if you’re interested in Testing/Pester!

Matt has lots more links and resources in his Github repo related to the talk

Matt’s demos and Presentation

Follow Matt @mcnabbmh and checkout out his blog for more great PowerShell resources.

See something that we missed? Have something else to contribute?