Cincinnati PowerShell User Group – Secrets PowerShell Remoting

When: February 23rd – 6PM THURSDAY!

Where: Max Technical Training, Mason, OH

Sign up here: Cincy PSUG Meetup

PS C:\> Get-PSUG | where {$_.City -eq Cincinnati}

Secrets of PowerShell Remoting

Still using PSExec to execute commands on remote machines? Wishing there was a generic environment that allows for remote execution of literally any command that you can run in a local PowerShell? Remoting is one of PowerShell’s most useful and important core technologies. Whether you are managing Nano Server or wanting to arm yourself with knowledge to get your Security Team to buy in, we have some tips and tricks that you won’t want to miss. Although this technology was introduced in PowerShell 2.0, it has been refined and expanded upon in each release and is an essential tool for your PowerShell toolkit! Come join us as we demystify PowerShell remoting so you can start putting it to use.

SAPIEN Technologies will be sponsoring the Cincinnati PowerShell User Group meeting and will be supplying the pizza!