Cincinnati PowerShell User Group – Introduction to Git, GitHub and Version Control

When: January 26th – 6PM THURSDAY!

Where: Max Technical Training, Mason, OH

Sign up here: Cincy PSUG Meetup

PS C:\> Get-PSUG | where {$_.City -eq Cincinnati}

Introduction to Git, Github, and version control

As IT Ops folks, version control isn’t always a given. The Powershell Team and Powershell community are rich with collaboration, so learning git and github is essential! We will be diving into version control, specifically Git/Github, how to start, how to contribute and why it should be an essential part of your operations teams and workflows whether your just a lone admin writing “throw away” scripts, or a full on DevOps shop. Come join us as we explore git and why its a must to have in your arsenal of tools.

SAPIEN Technologies will be sponsoring the Cincinnati PowerShell User Group meeting and will be supplying the pizza!